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New prescription charge

The prescription charge will increase by 15 pence from £9 to £9.15 for each medicine or appliance dispensed on an NHS prescription. The cost of pre-payment certificates (PPC) will also be increased: 3-month PPC increases by 55p to £29.65 and 12-month PPC increases by £1.90 to £105.90. The increase is in line with inflation.

Where applicable , pharmacy staff may recommend a PPC if it works out cheaper for patients.

Details of the revised charges for 2020 to 2021 can be found below:

From April 1st 2020

  • One prescription charge: £9.15

  • 3-month PPC: £29.65

  • 12-month PPC: £105.90

A government spokesperson said that the changes are in line with inflation and prescription price increases needed to happen as the NHS is under a lot of financial pressure. On the other hand, pharmacies have expressed concern that patients are finding it increasingly difficult to afford their prescription charges.

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