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We'd like to wish everyone a happy Christmas and prosperous new year. Congratulations to all our tutees who passed the Gphc exam in 2021. Good luck in your careers!

The next Gphc exam is expected to take place in summer 2022. The Gphc will announce the date soon. Anyone who wishes to sit this assessment should start preparing at least 5 to 6 months before the exam.

Firstly, read the Gphc registration assessment framework to understand in detail what areas you will be assessed on. Go over the Online practice questions on the Gphc website to familiarize yourself with the format.

Create a personalized timetable!

You'll need to use the most recent and up to date resources when revising for the Gphc assessment . Get the latest BNF/online form , MEP, textbooks, calculations workbook and past papers correct calculator.

Please note the following feedback from the 2021 Gphc assessments.

  1. Only use latest guidelines and comprehensive resources for your revision.

  2. Learn how to round up and round down and remember to do so for calculations questions .

  3. Put down realistic answers for calculations. Have a think about the question you are attempting before answering.

  4. Start revising early as repetition helps to minimize silly errors in the exam.

Also note the following dates

  1. Date of 2022 Summer assessment and registration- to be announced

  2. Deadline for November 21 Exam Appeals - 5pm on 14th 01 2022.

  3. Extension of 8 year limit- from 21.12.2021 check myGPHC may be automatically extended till September 2022 in some cases.

  4. End of provisional pharmacist register - 31st January 2022

  5. Application for reasonable adjustment deadline- To be announced.

  6. Our Intensive Gphc exam revision sessions- discounted price ends 31st December 2021 . Please see

Wishing everyone all the best in the coming year !

Thanks to the team at LPN for all you do !

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